Alexa Brassard

Operations Manager

“ONE Recovery is the program that I needed in high school. ONE gives the incredible gift of human connection and fosters an environment of vulnerability and compassion. I am proud and grateful to be part of such a groundbreaking, forward-thinking organization.”

Alexa  arrived in Los Angeles to begin her career in fashion after leaving Boston University. As exciting a landing as that would be for any young woman, Alexa, is not just any young woman. She felt an internal pull to do more. ONE is that more.

As a youth who struggled, Alexa knows the challenges this world presents to our kids today. Life now unfolds in perfectly crafted moments. Social Media and likes can determine your worth in this world if your consciousness is not expanded. Alexa has a presence that raises that consciousness and speaks in a voice that can be heard. She is a true believer in the development of healthy coping mechanisms to support the imminent stressors of adulthood.

Alexa, originally from the East Coast, met our founder at Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Santa Monica. Alexa was drawn to Lynne’s fiery passionate spirit. Their bond was solidified within moments of that first meeting. Alexa came on board immediately as a contributor and participated in ONE’s launch in Orange County. She helped organize one of the first events that featured former NFL quarterback, Ryan Leaf, at Corona Del Mar High School before heading back East for a year.

We are thrilled that Alexa has returned to the West Coast, and to ONE as Operations Manager. As part of her role, she will be organizing innovative and exciting events to engage our members and the community as a whole.

Alexa is on fire about all that ONE has in store for the upcoming year!