Colleen Premer

Colleen Kennedy Premer has dedicated almost 30 years to the art of printmaking. Although the majority of her works are monotypes and monoprints, Premer has also explored other printmaking processes and has furthered her creative expression through encaustic paintings, collagraphs woodcuts and intaglios.

Premer’s greatest inspiration was her mother, artist Elaine Kennedy, an acclaimed painter and printmaker. Although Premer did not start her creative endeavors until later in life, she spent her childhood and much of her adult life surrounded by art, artists, and related culture. While her formal education was centered on writing (B.A. – Journalism) and people (M.S. – Clinical Psychology), her passion has always been to make art, and since discovering printmaking in the late 80’s at the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts, she has embraced her creative outlet.

Most of Premer’s prints take an interesting slant on something familiar and reinvent those images in a new and unusual way. Her icon choices may be either vague or recognizable, yet always subject to personal interpretation by the viewer. Premer’s choice of colors and her ability to generate texture and depth to her prints give her pieces character, originality, and a sense of timelessness.

Premer and her husband and their three boys live in Newport Beach, California.