Eli Viszolay, YP Coordinator


Eli Viszolay, a former professional surfer, and Abercrombie & Fitch model. He attended Laguna Beach High School and went on to graduate from college with a degree in Public Relations after traveling the world under a surfing contract with Hurley.

Eli was scouted by both Hurley and Volcom in High School. While he had an affinity for both brands he went on to travel the world with Hurley. This experience gave him a deep appreciation for living ONE’s passion at a young age. He is a Certified Surf Instructor who works with legendary surfers mentoring youth.

Eli’s life is driven by his passion, which is the essence of ONE, but it does not end at the water’s edge. He is also an avid and talented musician. His love for creating and playing music has inspired many ONEs.

Eli became a Conscious Contributor in 2017 at The ONE Surf Event. A girl who had just left the flood waters of Houston, who had never been in the ocean, let alone on a board, got in the water with Eli that day and surfed.  She conquered more than the ocean that day. It was beautiful.

Eli hosts our Young People Drop INs and lends his talents to inspire others.

We are grateful to the ONE Eli.