Gabe Gould

Published author, meditation student

Gabe Gould is a published author, meditation student, and psychology junkie. As a researcher and practitioner of Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness, he specializes in the secular, science-based delivery and practice of the intervention for teens and young adults. He is the author of the iconoclastic poetry series What the Couch Told Me, and is co-founding editor of the meditation blog Breaking it Down. He favors rebels, skaters, rock stars, and the runts of the litters.

Gabe’s book, “Crybaby; Meditation For Punks And WallFlowers” is available on Amazon now.

WHEN HOME NO LONGER FEELS LIKE HOME, and we find ourselves floundering to explain the pains and confusions of growing up, there comes a point when our search mysteriously changes directions, and we begin a journey inwards. Laden with radical honesty and personal reflection, Crybaby draws meaningfully upon modern brain science, Buddhist psychology, and ancient folklore to give the reader a sense of the timeless home within themselves. Written for the millenial, by a millenial, young author Gabe Gould details the story of a generation forgotten in its own image, and provides invaluable insight on how we can learn to love the ugly parts of our life—our hauntingly beautiful shadows—to death.

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Gabe Gould