Lynne Pedersen


Oprah Winfrey said she knew she was born for greatness. 
She was – because she believed she was. 
I believe we all are...”

Lynne Pedersen (Butler) is known for her unbridled passion and fierce commitment to anyone in need of care.  She has over 30 years of experience in the adolescent mental health field. Lynne has laid the foundation of some of the finest programs in the nation.

She possesses an innate ability to create spaces where healing and integrity are paramount. Her expertise in program development, admissions, and utilization review have her well sought after by new and emerging programs, but Lynne has chosen to focus on ONE.


Lynne developed the first support group in schools in 1985. This is where she constructed the Detention/Suspension Exchange program, offering the first Positive Consequence model of its’ time. She went on to launch over ten ASAP Alumni & Friends free community support meetings along the California Coast. She developed an annual calendar of events for adolescents from dances to campouts to keep them engaged. When the Texas-based Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) was acquired in California by ASAP Lynne was asked to lead them as well.

Lynne went on to direct an adult program in Hollywood and found that her passion did not lie there. She stepped out of the field to raise her sons and develop an arts-based business. Her clients included The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, Royal Carribean, Ralph Lauren and the retail giants Home Depot and Starbucks. It was upon the return from a 9-month commission in Dubai that Lynne received a call to come back to the field of adolescent mental health for a program that was struggling to get their admissions department off the ground.

Lynne accepted the directorship at the nationwide adolescent program with the caveat that part of her contract allowed her to establish free support meetings. The founder was intrigued by Lynne’s commitment.  He attempted to push back as they brought Lynne on to develop their Admissions Department at a critical time in the company’s history. He soon came to realize that it is easier to say yes and step aside; say yes he did.

The Center had their department not only developed but admissions were raised 73%  in the first 6 months. In a critical expansion meeting with investors, the question was raised as to what caused such a dramatic spike in value…an officer looked down the table at Lynne and said, “she happened…”

Lynne had been sought after by the founder of a 12 bed California based adolescent program to develop his admissions and utilization review departments. After spending almost five years with the prior company, Lynne made the difficult and shocking decision to leave.  She had played such a critical role in their success. Leaving a stake in that company and team that she built she accepted the new venture. Lynne signed on with the understanding that she would also enhance operations and programming as they were poised to open on the East Coast. The synergy that existed in that relationship created one of the finest adolescent programs in the nation at that time.

Lynne’s gift and level of expertise in building programs are undeniable. She brings that something special that enables them to flourish. It is clear from the success of the programs that she has lent her skill to.


It is in her rich history of passion, integrity, and purpose that ONE was born. Lynne set aside the building of programs and focused solely on the building of our youth. She invested her funds and energy to create a space where the diagnosis or struggle was not the focus but the connection from one human to another was. A program where kids could walk in, connect and heal without it being their intention. A place where ONE can truly alter the course of another.

It is believed that the need for all students to have support on-campus is too daunting for a nationwide solution. It is not. Thanks to Lynne, we have one.


Acknowledgments & Training:

Lynne received the Honorary Service Award from Newport Mesa Unified School District’s Corona Del Mar High School PTA this year for her pilot program there.

Trained under some of the most esteemed pioneers in the recovery field; John Bradshaw, John James, Kip Flock, Dr. Dave Lewis as well as the Masters of UCLA’s Chemical Dependency Studies, Counseling and Management Programs. She holds a CADC-II, ICADC and received her Intervention Training from the prestigious Johnson Institute.

Lynne has been recognized by the National Basketball Association for her role in intervention training; the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office for her work with Paramount Studios on the D.A.R.E. program; MTV’s for the Rock Against Drugs commercial campaign; and her volunteer work with incarcerated youth at Camp Kilpatrick.

PTA/District Presentations by Lynne Pedersen, Founder. Lynne speaks on the Power of ONE as a philosophy. She is an extremely magnetic, impassioned and moving presenter. Lynne effortlessly evokes tears and ignites laughter all while addressing the community’s most critical issues. Parents welcome her direct approach as she explains her theory that ‘kids are being robbed of their ability to build their internal coping mechanisms’ and the part that we may play in it. She offers a solution not blame while empowering parents to parent again. 

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