Lynne Pedersen


Oprah Winfrey said she knew she was born for greatness. 
She was – because she believed she was. 
I believe we all are...”

Lynne Pedersen (Butler) is known for her unbridled passion and fierce commitment to anyone in need of care.  She has over 25 years of experience in the residential mental health field. Lynne has laid the foundation of some of the finest programs in the nation. She possesses an innate ability to create spaces where healing and integrity are paramount. Her expertise in program development, admissions and utilization review have her well sought after by new and emerging programs. Lynne is committed to ONE. ONE Recovery where the struggle can just be life, and where inspiration is considered the medication.

Lynne developed the first support group in schools at Pasadena High School in the 1980s. This is where she constructed the Detention/Suspension Exchange program, offering the first Positive Consequence model of its’ time. She went on to launch 10 ASAP Alumni & Friends free community support meetings along the California Coast. She was instrumental in facilitating an annual calendar of events for adolescents from dances to campouts to keep them engaged.

Years later, under her Directorship, at Center for Discovery she established the Discovery in Recovery meetings.  These parent and young people support groups met the needs of youth struggling with Substances and Eating Disorders. It was there that she produced The Sober Prom, and The Art of Discovery; a night honoring the works of youth expressing their recovery through music, spoken word, written word and art. Comedian Russell Brand along with Lisa Swayze, Leslie Ann Warren, composer Bob Thiele and other notables lent their celebrity to pay tribute to these kids and their works. It was a night not soon forgotten.

It was that night where the flame was ignited for what would later become ONE Recovery. ONE,  the art-infused free community and campus-based support from all struggles for all youth. A group that provides free support where the diagnosis or struggle is not the focus, but the connection as one human to another is. The members of ONE are inspired by the format, the speakers, and the arts-infused events – every week is a conversation that invites raised awareness and the power of ONE’s choice.

Lynne trained under some of the most esteemed pioneers in the recovery field; John Bradshaw, John James, Kip Flock, Dr. Dave Lewis as well as the Masters of UCLA’s Chemical Dependency Studies, Counseling and Management Programs. She holds a CADC-II, ICADC and received her Intervention Training from the prestigious Johnson Institute.  Lynne has been recognized by the National Basketball Association for her role in intervention training; the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office for her work with Paramount Studios on the D.A.R.E. program; MTV’s for the Rock Against Drugs commercial campaign; and her volunteer work with incarcerated youth at Camp Kilpatrick.

PTA/District Presentations by Lynne Pedersen, Founder. Lynne speaks on the Power of ONE as a philosophy. She is an extremely magnetic, impassioned and moving presenter. Lynne effortlessly evokes tears and ignites laughter all while addressing the community’s most critical issues. Parents welcome her direct approach as she explains her theory that ‘kids are being robbed of their ability to build their internal coping mechanisms’ and the part that we may play in it. She offers solution not blame while empowering parents to parent again. 

Lynne will also explain the simple steps to bring ONE-On-Campus to your school. Email for details.