Catia Salvadori, has a resume that reflects the story of a true modern-day Renaissance woman. Originally from Minneapolis, Catia’s family relocated to Northern California when she was a young teen. Her sights set on Hollywood, Catia attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, which lead directly to her early beginnings as a film casting associate to Janet Hirshenson and Jane Jenkins.

In 2000, Catia followed her entrepreneurial spirit, shifted gears and acquired her California Real Estate license. Within just a couple of years, she was running a thriving LA business with her partner, and had facilitated hundreds of transactions while under the umbrella of Sotheby’s International. But by 2005, as the US real estate climate drastically changed, Catia took an opportunity to move to the UK with her husband, a songwriter and recording artist signed to Universal Music. It was there, in a new country, that she landed a job at the London offices of Live Nation UK, working as Sponsorship Coordinator, where she reported directly to the President and SVP for UK and Europe Marketing Partnerships, and was responsible for VIP events, and coordination of multiple festival sponsorships.

Returning to the States in 2008, Salvadori was approached to be a Personal Affairs Manager for an iconic international figure in the music industry. Her responsibilities were to manage all activities of the personal estate, coupled with the 24/7 demands of a highly creative individual. This job of running all operations required the utmost tact, sensitivity and confidentiality, along with powerful management skills, for both projects and interpersonal relations, as well as handling all management of properties, staff and accounting.

In 2010, Catia joined the prestigious Much and House PR firm, now known as East 2 West Collective, and utilized her many skills from her previous positions to maintain the business affairs of a constantly changing, thriving Public Relations firm. With her dedication and detail-oriented skill set, she has found herself in the hyrbrid position of CFO/COO, managing all financial aspects of the firm, managing day-to-day operations at hand, as well as helping to manage the companies HR and business affairs. She is also a key player in business development.

Catia has recently relocated her family to the South East to open East 2 West Collective’s Nashville office.