Taylor Gibler


One Recovery Team Member Taylor

“The first step is the hardest…I get a great deal of joy when I take someone’s hand and guide them into the solution.”

Taylor is a vibrant and compassionate human being who is passionate about service and recovery. He has over five years of experience in the non-profit sector, leading groups of young adults to various locations in Southeast Asia to be of service to impoverished communities.

Taylor began his work in the addiction treatment field in response to his own personal recovery journey. His professional experience began in admissions as a counselor for one of the largest treatment centers in the country. From there, he moved into the business development and outreach side of recovery, networking with other professionals in order to best serve families in need.

For the last year, Taylor has been working as an Interventionist; a role that lends itself well to his involvement in One Recovery. Taylor leads people to the first step of their recovery process. In his words,

Taylor has been formally trained in various models of Intervention including the Johnson and Invitational model. Because of his own past experiences, he conducts and leads each intervention from a place of genuine love and support. He is vigilant when it comes to providing the highest level of service for each individual and his or her family.

Taylor also coordinates and leads Adventure Therapy excursions for young men who are still early on in the recovery process. Taylor is a firm believer that recovery is meant to be fun and that the treatment process needs to structure itself in a way that reflects that, particularly when working with young men. “It is amazing to get a group of guys together and to create a space where we can share an experience. Creation naturally reveals its power to us, making us right sized and connecting us to ourselves and the people around us.”

Taylor will infuse our young people with purpose and ignite their desire for an amazing future. He will bring artists, musicians, innovative thinkers and feelers in all fields to share the catalyst moment that turned their dream into reality. He will create an atmosphere of openness where kids can ask their difficult questions, find real solutions, and discover that they are not alone in their struggles.

As the Young People’s Coordinator, Taylor will also have the privilege of contributing to special events throughout the year from Sober Prom to Slam Poetry Night, Adventure Therapy and Surf trips. The kids will be inspired to create songs, documentaries, screenplays, and art. Taylor will help them discover their passion and celebrate them in their process of discovery.

We are honored to have Taylor on the One Recovery Team.